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At BeLiminal we write a lot about Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Coaching and all areas of supporting techniques. These are published as blogs and on occassion by external publications.

We like to share our thoughts with the world as its an opportunity for us to spread our knowledge and for people to learn and indeed share their own views.

We have listed some of the publications below for you to read at your leisure and you can visit our blog by visiting our Beliminal blog page here

The Agility Challenge

Our partner Dragan Jojic wrote an extensive article, originally published on InfoQ where he discusses The Agility Challenge. While exploring what makes a difference between success and failure in today’s increasingly uncertain business environment, Dragan came to the conclusion that to be successful a company needs to become an agile enterprise and “being agile” means you accept input from reality and respond to it. To know which input to accept and how to respond requires everybody in the company to know what they are trying to achieve, understand why, be able to decide by themselves how best to do it and, most importantly, genuinely care that it gets done.

Does your organisation exhibit these traits on ongoing basis? Is it evolving in line with its environment? Are your employees able to sense and respond to external inputs without managers having to tell them what to do? This is what Dragan calls “the agility challenge”. His article explores what a company needs to do to rise to that challenge and what common obstacles it needs to overcome.

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