• 24th May 21 - 26th May 21
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm
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What is this course?

The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner™ (A-CSPO™) course is part of the Scrum Alliance’s Path to Certified Scrum Professional®.  This step in the Product Owner’s journey is a combination of workshop, applied learning on the job and reflective learning.
This programme is aimed at practicing Product Owners, growing skills and knowledge in areas such as stakeholder identification and management, neuroscience-based collaboration techniques, scaling and advanced product backlog management.

It focuses on growing a Product Owner’s knowledge and skills to define and operate in a more Agile product-based organisation driven by product outcomes and metrics, supported by results driven approaches and insights into human based biases and behaviours.

The workshop builds on a combination of interactive exercises, practical real-life examples, and lively discussion, and will equip you with the knowledge required to be an effective Scrum Product Owner.

Real learning happens through application and reflection, so following the workshop you will have access to an optional online coaching session,  so that you can reflect on how you are applying your knowledge and skills.

On completion of the workshop, you will become an A-CSPO™, which will make you eligible to work towards the Certified Scrum Professional® certification.

What will you learn?

The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner™ programme will help you take that next step in your growth as a Product Owner. By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • •   Identify the skills and capabilities needed for a Product Owner to collaborate as a member of a cross-functional Scrum
  • •   Team in order to create successful products
  • •   Use techniques to identify that you are working with the key stakeholders you need
  • •   Recognise when to act as a facilitator for stakeholders
  • •   Identify when a group is engaged in divergent thinking or convergent thinking
  • •   Describe the key attributes of different scaling frameworks and approaches
  • •   Utilise approaches to identify purpose or strategy to foster alignment and shared ownershipPlan a product release based on content from a roadmap, market segmentation or window
  • •   Connect teams directly to customers and users to build deeper understanding and empathy
  • •   Visualise and communicate product and feature ideas and assumptions
  • •   Incorporate testing assumptions into the Scrum framework
  • •   Develop hypotheses for a given target user/customer segment
  • •   Maximise outcome and impact to the business, user, and market whilst minimising output for a product/feature idea
  • •   Use different techniques to model and measure value
  • •   Describe and apply at least four factors to implement when ordering a product backlog, and different techniques to structure and filter the contents of a product backlog
What will you receive?
  • •   High quality instruction from a Certified Scrum Trainer
  • •   Optional online coaching sessions to reflect on your Scrum Product Owner practice
  • •   Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner certification and Scrum Alliance certification on successful completion of the workshop
  • •   For classroom based courses on our public schedule, refreshments before and during the course, including lunch
  • •   Course materials
What topics are covered?
  • •   Product definition and organisational impact
  • •   In-depth exploration of the Product Owner role and implementation patterns
  • •   Mapping and working with Stakeholders
  • •   Neuroscience-based collaboration techniques
  • •   Group facilitation techniques
  • •   Scaling approaches and patterns(e.g. SAFe, LeSS)
  • •   Managing dependencies or reducing/removing dependencies between teams
  • •   Visualising dependencies between teams
  • •   Large-scale participatory meeting formats
  • •   Cogitative bias that influences individual and Product decision making
  • •   Vision to value
  • •   Identifying target markets, looking at problem / solution fit and product market fit
  • •   Exploring user jobs to be done
  • •   Where to start with a Product – push v’s pull
  • •   Creating Product tests
  • •   Getting early feedback using marketing and prototypes to drive Product research
  • •   Quantifying value and return on investment
  • •   Comparative cost of delay
Who is this course suitable for?

This course is for Scrum Product Owner’s with at least a year’s experience in the role.  You must have Agile experience as the course will build on your experiences in order to deepen your understanding of Agile and yourself.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?
  • •   You will already be a Certified Scrum Product Owner ® (CSPO®)
  • •   At least 1 years’ experience working as a Scrum Product Owner
How should I prepare for this course?

Attendees should re-familiarise themselves with the  Scrum Guide

What about exams and certifications?

Following successful completion of this course, participants will be designated as Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owners. This Scrum Alliance certification includes a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance.

“Very enjoyable course the equipped me with alternative perspectives and new tools to try with my Scrum teams and stakeholders”

Lucy Wells

“Inspirational, thought provoking, enjoyable”

Inna Dalton

“Fast paced, thought provoking and awesome”

Mark Blocksidge

Venue:   Live online

The live online courses will be delivered over Zoom video conferencing, all you will need is a computer, internet connection and to situate yourself somewhere quiet.

A headset with mic would be advisable, though not essential.

Theses courses will be delivered in small groups (3 or 4 people) and will break out into virtual rooms for any group discussion and group exercises on key topics. We ensure there is a balance of experience across the groups in order to share experiences, as we find delegates learn as much off each other as they  do from the trainer.

We have tried to maintain as much of the interactive nature of our in-person training when transferring courses online.  Whilst the lack of physicality limits what we can do, a number of the exercises do transfer.


  • Trainer: Zia Malik

    For Zia Malik, organisational change doesn’t just mean adopting new processes and working in new ways. It isn’t even simply about thinking in new ways. True transformation requires challenging beliefs, and that means changing people from the inside.

    Zia is one of a small number of UK Certified Enterprise Coaches with the Scrum Alliance, and an experienced agile trainer, Certified Scrum Trainer CST and professionally trained coach in business and personal coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation. He has worked as an enterprise coach in a range of industries including fintech, aerospace, pharma and retail, working with individuals, teams and organisations.

    He works with frameworks such as Scrum, but recognises that these don’t exist in a vacuum. People work within them and adapt to them, and Zia spends much of his time focusing on the psychological motivations and barriers involved in personal and organisational change. Ultimately it’s about moving from structures and mindsets inherited from the Industrial Revolution towards a smarter way of organising ourselves.

    Zia’s training and coaching is both inspiring and thought-provoking, aimed at giving people a set of tools, techniques and concepts they can use to achieve and sustain genuine transformation.

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