• 17th Feb 20 - 18th Feb 20
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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What is this course?

Our interactive Certified ScrumMaster Class is a great course for anybody who is new to Scrum or applying it within their organisation and covers in-depth the full Scrum Framework, Scrum practices, roles, artefacts and the values and principles that underpin it.  The course also covers many agile practices that support Scrum including User Stories and relative estimation as well as examining strategies for scaling Scrum and working with distributed teams.

Our course builds on a combination of interactive exercises, practical real-life examples, and lively discussion and will equip you with the knowledge required to understand Scrum in depth so that you can be an effective ScrumMaster or Scrum team member.

What will you learn?

The Certified ScrumMaster course will give you a sound understanding of Scrum principles and practices in order that you can:

•   Participate actively as a Scrum Team member
•   Function effectively as the ScrumMaster for the Scrum Team
•   Deliver a successful Scrum project
•   Explain why Scrum works and how it is a risk reduction strategy
•   Explain and sell Agile and the Scrum framework to other key stakeholders
•   Define and use the full range of Agile and Scrum Artefacts (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Task Boards, and Burndown Charts etc. )
•   Set-up and facilitate Scrum Meetings (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective)
•   Implement all of the Scrum roles
•   Implement Scrum in real world circumstances
•   Implement other Lean and Agile approaches to support your Scrum implementation

What will you receive?

•   High quality instruction from one of our Certified Scrum Trainers
•   For classroom based courses on our public schedule, free flowing refreshments before and during the course, including a full lunch with a choice of options
•   Course materials
•   Certified Scrum Master certification on successful completion of an examination
•   Membership of the Scrum Alliance on successful completion of an examination
•   14 Category B Professional Development Units (PDUs) can be claimed for this course

What topics are covered?

General Knowledge

•   Agile & Lean Principles
•   Agile Manifesto
•   Empirical & Defined Processes
•   Scrum Framework & Sprints
•   Scrum Values
•   Applicability of Scrum

Scrum Roles & Responsibilities

•   ScrumMaster
•   Product Owner
•   The Team
•   Teamwork
•   Team Characteristics
•   Impact on Traditional Roles

Scrum Artifacts

•   Product Backlog
•   Product Increment & the Definition of 'Done'
•   Sprint Backlog

Srum Events

•   The Sprint
•   Sprint Planning & Sprint Goals
•   Daily Scrums
•   Sprint Reviews
•   Sprint Retrospectives

Estimation & Forward Planning

•   Relative estimation
•   Story Points
•   Planning Poker
•   Velocity & Tracking progress
•   Burndown charts

Product Backlog Items

•   Product Backlog Refinement
•   Product Backlog characteristics
•   User Stories

Who is this course suitable for?

•   Anyone who wants to be successful using Scrum
•   Anyone who is involved in a Scrum Project across the full range of Scrum roles
•   Those newly setting out on their Agile journey
•   Those who are already using Agile or Scrum but now want to consolidate their knowledge or address questions that have arisen based on their experience
•   Those with the following roles within their organisation:
•   Agile Coaches
•   ScrumMasters
•   Team Leaders
•   Development Team Members (Analysts, Architects, Designers, Coders, Testers)
•   Project Managers
•   Product Owners
•   Product Managers
•   Process Owners and Managers
•   Functional / Departmental Managers

Attending the course as a full team offers a real opportunity for the entire team to experience and learn Scrum in-depth together and creates an excellent foundation for them to move forward.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for the course, however students are expected to complete the pre-course reading required.

How should I prepare for this course?

Attendees should read the Scrum Guide

What about exams and certifications?

A short multiple choice examination requires to be completed.

“Great course which has provided valuable insight into Scrum, and provided plenty of ideas for improvements”

Darryl Gwinnet

“The trainer was professional, knowledgeable and a great coach. Fun activities and clear explanations made the 2 days incredibly worthwhile ”

Matthew Bruce

“Excellent training - intense and challenging with a fantastic group of people”

Robin Smith

Venue:   Leeds - Marriott Hotel


From Leeds Bradford Airport

From the airport follow signs for A658. On the A658 turn left and follow signs onto the A65 towards Leeds. On approaching Leeds, follow the signs for City Centre and join the ‘City Loop’. Pick up the brown tourist signs ‘City Centre’ Hotels’ as you drive along the City Loop. As you pass through Junction 15 on the Loop, get into the right hand lane and look out for the brown ‘Marriott Hotel’ tourist sign which indicates that you need to turn right. Exit the Loop by turning right at the traffic lights at Junction 16. Follow the road round to the left, over a bridge and move into the right hand lane at the set of traffic lights with the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the left and “Revolucion de Cuba” on the right. Go straight on at the lights into Briggate, under the railway bridge and up to the next set of traffic lights, moving into the left hand lane. Turn into Boar Lane and take the first left between Mint Nail & Beauty shop and “Upanrunning” and the Leeds Marriott Hotel is on your left.

From Leeds City Railway station

The hotel is 0.1 miles from the train station.

From Leeds City Bus Station

The hotel is 0.5 miles from Leeds City Bus Station


You can park at the Marriott Hotel, Leeds for a fee of £20 daily. Or there is off-site parking for £15 daily.

The Trinity car park is situated on the right as you arrive, postcode LS1 4AG. Please validate your ticket at concierge.

  • Trainer: Tom Reynolds

    Tom is a highly experienced certified trainer and coach whose insights into the Agile mindset make his training and coaching both effective and genuinely transformative.

    He has spent more than 30 years working in IT, with a track record of success at major blue chip clients, and has focused on Agile since 2007. Today, as a certified Scrum trainer, certified Kanban trainer, Agile coach, Organisational Relationship Systems Coach and Personal/Life Coach, he draws on these and other practices to help individuals and teams embrace smart new ways of working that deliver remarkable results.

    Tom believes passionately that Agile is not just a new framework or set of processes – it’s a new way of thinking. To be truly Agile means wholeheartedly embracing change, examining everything you do, being willing to try and fail on the way to your goals, and putting complete trust in your team. Taught and coached in this way, Agile can transform the way individuals and teams think and work together.

    Tom’s training and coaching are delivered with a freshness and energy that make the process of embracing change an enjoyable as well as challenging experience. In an inclusive environment that fosters courage, transparency and trust, he inspires individuals and teams to become the best version of themselves, and reveals that change can be exciting, rewarding and above all highly productive.

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