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What is this course?

Discover a range of powerful coaching concepts and techniques that will enable you to bring out the best in the individuals and teams you work with.

This course will introduce you to a broad range of coaching skills, challenging you to grow and practice as you learn, while giving you space to develop your own approach to coaching. It consists of six practical and interactive half-day workshops run by our highly experienced coaches.

Coaching Skills for Leaders is part of our public training schedule. We can also deliver it to a cohort of leaders in your organisation.

Why would you need this course?

It is no longer enough to tell people what to do – our organisations need leaders at all levels who can unleash the innovation and creativity of those around them by creating a learning environment. Coaching skills are key to leading by nurturing people while challenging the way they think.

Our coaching programme focuses on practical skills which will help you grow and develop while also growing and developing the people around you. You will learn how to:

  • •  Improve communication skills
  • •  Handle ambiguity and conflict
  • •  Surface and deal with limiting beliefs
  • •  Increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • •  Maximise individual and team results
  • •  Bring coaching into everyday work

You will be supported every step of the way by our experienced accredited coaches.

What will you learn?

Coaching Skills for Leaders will give you a set of practical coaching tools to use in your work and beyond. By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • •  Hold a coaching conversation to help others move forward
  • •  Use questions to guide thinking
  • •  Help individuals and teams create meaningful goals
  • •  Work with people at the deeper level of beliefs and values
  • •  Build strong and effective relationships with others
  • •  Help people navigate conflict
  • •  Create a safe environment for people to learn and work
  • •  Challenge people to be the best versions of themselves
  • •  Employ a reflective approach to your practice for continued personal growth
What will you receive?

High quality coaching from our International Coaching Federation (ICF) or equivalent accredited coaches
Course materials and access to other resources on our Learning Management System
Invitation to become part of the BeLiminal Alumni with access to other practitioners and BeLiminal discounts

What topics are covered?

Workshop 1 - Coaching Fundamentals and Active Listening

This workshop will ease you into what coaching is. It is ideal if you are just starting out or looking to revive old coaching skills. It also covers the core coaching competency of Active Listening and lays the foundation for growing your skills as a coach by introducing different kinds of reflective practice.

  • •  Understand what coaching is and the differences between coaching and other types of interventions
  • •  Know the benefits of coaching
  • •  Understand the skills required for effective coaching conversations and the high-level boundaries of coaching
  • •  Recognise and practice levels of listening
  • •  Explore reflective practice

Workshop 2 - Powerful Questions and Meaningful Goals

This workshop focuses on how to craft meaningful goals and use questions as a way to positively affect people’s thinking, as they move towards their goals.

  • •  Understand what questions really do and how they affect thinking
  • •  Recognise the coach does not need to have the same specialist knowledge as the person being coached
  • •  Recognise and create well-formed goals
  • •  Practise coaching for setting meaningful, realistic goals

Workshop 3 - Change Beyond Behaviours

This workshop looks at what lies behind behaviours and how we can help people to reframe their thinking by understanding positive psychology. We also practise working with values and see how they can bring balance when they align with our beliefs and behaviours.

  • •  Understand the complexities behind the behaviours you see and what forces may be shaping them
  • •  Explore positive psychology and its impact on how we coach
  • •  Use reframing to re-evaluate challenges people face and to shape more useful goals
  • •  Identify and recognise the importance of working with values

Workshop 4 - Working with Beliefs

Here we take a look at beliefs and understand where they come from and how they impact on our everyday decisions and life. We will practise techniques to help the people you work with tackle their limiting beliefs.

  • •  Understand how beliefs are formed and reinforced
  • •  Identify and challenge limiting beliefs
  • •  Help others to foster more helpful or empowering beliefs

Workshop 5 - Team Relationships and Conflict

In this workshop we take a look at how things that we assume are true affect our thoughts and behaviours. We also explore coaching with teams and dealing with conflict.

  • •  Learn useful presuppositions when you’re working with others
  • •  Understand psychological safety and other factors that affect team performance
  • •  Recognise constructive vs unhealthy conflict
  • •  Help mediate between two parties in conflict

Workshop 6 - Challenging and Boundaries

Here we look at patterns and questions that challenge generalisations, deletions and distortions in how an individual interprets the world. We also look at setting up the boundaries of coaching so that you can challenge someone effectively and respectfully.

  • •  Recognise language patterns that reveal beliefs and assumptions, and be able to challenge these where appropriate
  • •  Identify the conflicts that may exist in coaching relationships
  • •  Understand the relevant ethical considerations when coaching
  • •  Know how to create a contract to establish boundaries with the people you coach
Who is this course for?

Leaders, managers, team leaders, aspiring coaches and anyone interested in becoming a better leader by adopting a practical coaching stance as part of their leadership style.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no formal prerequisites however students will be invited to complete a short preparatory exercise in the days leading up to the course.

The course will be delivered remotely via Zoom. Attendees are responsible for ensuring that they can participate in the online sessions with video and audio enabled.

How should I prepare for this course?

While the course is built with time to practice techniques within the sessions, students who are able to complete homework and additional practice outside of the training modules will gain the most out of the programme.

Venue:   Live online

The live online courses will be delivered over Zoom video conferencing, all you will need is a computer, internet connection and to situate yourself somewhere quiet.

A headset with mic would be advisable, though not essential.

Theses courses will be delivered in small groups (3 or 4 people) and will break out into virtual rooms for any group discussion and group exercises on key topics. We ensure there is a balance of experience across the groups in order to share experiences, as we find delegates learn as much off each other as they  do from the trainer.

We have tried to maintain as much of the interactive nature of our in-person training when transferring courses online.  Whilst the lack of physicality limits what we can do, a number of the exercises do transfer.


  • Trainer: Sophie Manton

    Sophie is a coach and trainer who is passionate about uncovering the “difference that’ll make the difference” in order to help support and encourage positive growth in individuals, teams and organisations.

    Her early career as a developer gave her invaluable first-hand knowledge and insights into producing the software itself, but it was her experiences of project management coupled with “in the thick of it” Scrum Mastering and organisational change remits that really caught her imagination and enthusiasm for people and system dynamics.

    She facilitates effective change by tailoring her approach depending on where a company is along its own unique journey. She utilises appropriate core Agile & Lean principles and techniques and in particular provides support with the cultural and behavioural challenges often faced when adapting to a more transparent and collaborative Agile way of working. This is invariably done with a large dose of focus, fun and energy!

    Sophie is a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP-SM & CSP-PO), an Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) Certified NLP Trainer as well as an experienced Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM) accredited coach. She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Sophie has extensive experience having worked with numerous companies across financial, retail and engineering sectors.

    Qualification and Certifications

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  • Trainer: Benjamin Cooke

    Originally from a software engineering background, the sectors Ben has worked in include retail, finance, telecommunications, government identity, broadcasting and AI.

    Underneath the methods and frameworks, Ben considers that the crux of what we do is about helping us to foster better relationships with ourselves and each other. It was this that led Ben to pursue formal coaching education and he holds an Associate Certified Coach credential with the International Coaching Federation.

    Ben is a creative thinker and problem solver: a consequence of the diverse range of organisations he has worked with, alongside the many years he spent putting together events for the arts.

    When he’s not working with clients Ben is co-organiser of one of London’s longest running Agile meetup groups, the Agile Coaching Exchange.

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