• 13th Sep 21 - 16th Sep 21
    1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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What is this course?

The ICAgile Professional Agile Coaching Certification (ACC) course provides a deep dive into the world of agile coaching

The course is split into 4 unique half-day (4-hour) modules covering the core competencies of agile coaching that can be completed in any order. We also complement this with our unique pre and post course calls that focus on personal growth using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel* to guide your journey. The course focuses on equipping you with new tools, techniques and skills to be the best agile coach / ScrumMaster you can be.

What will you learn?

The course is separated into 4 core modules that can be completed in any order:

Coaching - Learn the basics of Professional Coaching from ICF Certified Coaches. Competencies you will start to build include: Active Listening, Powerful Questions, Emotional Intelligence, Presence and Clean Feedback.

Serving the Organisation - Learn how to deal with change and help others who are struggling to adapt to new ways of working. Explore how to navigate through conflict situations #DramaFree. Lastly, we will explore managing an engagement. How do we set our selves up for success in this complex world? What is useful to measure? how do we know if we have done a good job?

Serving the team - Teams are more than just a group of individuals during this module you will look at coaching the system as a whole using a number of coaching tools adapted from various team coaching practices form experts in the field.

Facilitate Learning - Using Training from the BACK of the Room! techniques we will explore adult learning techniques culminating in creating a new learning experience you will be able to use. During this module, you will also learn the core skills of a good mentor and how it is different from coaching and consulting

What will you receive?

On successful completion of the course, you will receive the ICAgile Professional Agile Coaching Certification (ACC)

The certification will not expire and is a valuable industry known certificate.
This course is worth 16 Section C - SEU's towards Scrum Alliance renewal requirements plus 4 Section B SEU's for the pre and post work completed with one of our CTC coaches.

Please note: You will only receive the ICAgile Professional Agile Coaching Certification (ACC) when both the pre-work, 4 modules and post-work has been completed.

What topics are covered?
  • •  Self Reflection using the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel
  • •  What is Agile Coaching
  • •  Active Listening
  • •  Clean Feedback
  • •  Emotional Intelligence
  • •  Coaching Presence
  • •  Powerful Questions
  • •  Professional Coaching
  • •  Mentoring
  • •  Common Role Changes
  • •  Empathy Mapping
  • •  Systemic Coaching
  • •  Cognitive Bias
  • •  What is a high performing team
  • •  Team Launches
  • •  Team Structure
  • •  Coaching Plans
  • •  Conflict Management
  • •  Training from the Back of the Room
Who is this course suitable for?

Agile Coaches or aspiring coaches with a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice facilitation, professional coaching, mentoring, and teaching in service of Agile teams. Other relevant roles include ScrumMasters, Iteration Managers and Agile Project Managers.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Although it is not a formal prerequisite, we have found that this certification is best pursued after a foundation agile course such as Scrum Foundations, Agile Fundamentals, ICAgile Team Facilitator or CSM/PSM

How should I prepare for this course?

Pre and Post work is provided focused on self-reflection using the agile coaching growth wheel

What about exams and certifications?

The course is assessed by the instructors you must be able to complete a basic 10-minute coaching conversation to complete the course; however, the instructors will work with you until this is possible.

Venue:   Live online

The live online courses will be delivered over Zoom video conferencing, all you will need is a computer, internet connection and to situate yourself somewhere quiet.

A headset with mic would be advisable, though not essential.

Theses courses will be delivered in small groups (3 or 4 people) and will break out into virtual rooms for any group discussion and group exercises on key topics. We ensure there is a balance of experience across the groups in order to share experiences, as we find delegates learn as much off each other as they  do from the trainer.

We have tried to maintain as much of the interactive nature of our in-person training when transferring courses online.  Whilst the lack of physicality limits what we can do, a number of the exercises do transfer.


  • Trainer: Rickard Jones

    Rickard is an Agile coach, trainer and program lead. With an Agile mindset, values, principles and practices, he has collaborated with many organisations, teams and individuals in supporting them on their complex journey to become Agile.

    He goes where the value need is, having previously been an XP developer, programme manager, change manager, development manager, scrum master and transformation lead. Despite an unhealthy obsession with learning, he believes nothing beats a coaching journey of in-the-field practical experience.

    Not only is Rickard one of the authors of the AgileHR Manifesto, he is also an international conference speaker and Certified Team Coach.

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