Dragan has over 30 years of coaching, training and facilitation experience, mainly with large organisations in Retail Banking, Insurance and Online Gaming sectors. Since 2005, his focus has been on helping clients improve their business and delivery agility, and develop leadership at all levels.
Dragan’s main area of interest is organisational agility and its implications for product development, portfolio management, business strategy, and workplace culture.

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  • Trainer: Dragan Jojic

    Dragan doesn’t simply help individuals and organisations get better at what they already
    do. He challenges them to articulate their true goals and find ways to achieve them.
    As a seasoned coach, trainer and facilitator with more than 30 years’ experience, Dragan
    has worked with many large organisations in retail banking, insurance, online gaming and
    international charity sectors. Organisations like these often talk a good story but fail to
    achieve meaningful and lasting results, and Dragan helps them understand the impact they
    would like to make and then experiment with potential paths to success.

    This inevitably leads to continuous learning and adaptation, in other words to organisational
    agility. As a result, Dragan increasingly works with leaders, helping them demonstrate true
    leadership by setting the pattern of behaviour for their organisations.

    Dragan’s approach is founded on his own boundless curiosity. He builds rapport and then
    encourages people to examine their assumptions and answer rarely asked questions. It’s
    not about instructing people but opening minds and exploring possibilities.
    This inspiring, energising approach is also a highly effective one that goes to the root of
    organisational inertia. Dragan challenges people to improve their self-awareness and begin
    a journey of continuous improvement.

    Qualification and Certifications

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