Our Agile Consulting Approach

A three-step approach to meaningful change

Every journey with us has a singular goal: building collaboration, resilience, and agility within your organisation. 

While your instinct might push towards top-down directives, genuine transformation sprouts from within and will only blossom with unwavering leadership support. Remember: People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.

When you’re set for transformation, here’s how we propel you forward:

  • Understanding: We deep-dive into your current state through interviews, workshops, and digital surveys.
  • Direction: Building on the shared understanding, we help you define your objectives and move towards them through experiments tailored to your specific challenges.
  • Flexibility: From light-touch guidance to comprehensive support, choose how you wish to partner with us.

Our Discover>Orient>Pilot engagement provides a path tailored for you and oriented towards helping you become good at getting better. It is meticulously crafted to deliver a comprehensive yet customised approach, ensuring optimal results for your organisation.

DISCOVER creates shared understanding and agreement on the direction of travel through:

  • Interviews and workshops with teams and leadership;
  • Organisational health surveys; 
  • Outcomes and Strategic Intent mapping.

ORIENT identifies and ring-fences pilot areas and invites people to participate in the change through:

  • Defining and resourcing key roles and responsibilities including Outcome Owners and Sponsors.
  • Ensuring leadership understanding and securing their support.
  • Running Agile and other appropriate training and workshops.

PILOT guides and supports individuals and teams in piloting their way forward through:

  • Discover Tensions and Explore new practices by
    • Designing and running experiments with new ways of working.
  • Regular reflection and learning sessions.
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