Agile Puts People At Its Core

What could your organisation achieve if you unleashed its human potential?

We believe that human potential is truly realised when people have autonomy, are focused and aligned to a common goal , can see the impact of their work and are given the time and space to actively improve, this in turn unleashes the potential of your organisation.  Agile puts people at its core.

So why is it that some businesses embrace and thrive with change and others fail to keep up? We believe the answer is simple … people. It is not that some organisations have more talent or skills, but rather that they embrace a culture of change and new ways of working that allow them to maximise the value their people bring to their business and the world.

Faster, leaner, happier teams

People at the centre of agile working


Agility is a mind set and a place of being, it’s a different way of working than what we are conditioned though culture, education and normal organisational operation to expect.

Without addressing organisational culture, team culture and individual development the potential of Agile working cannot be realised.

Your people are your greatest asset. We work with you so they can realise their potential and the increase in value creation that results.

The only true change is change that sticks

Change that sticks

Through our experience with individual and relationship coaching we understand that people may need to challenge long held personal or organisational beliefs. For change to stick they will need support from their peers to overcome any blockers and practice new behaviours regularly until they are habit forming.

This will need support from the leadership, who will also need to disrupt current ways of working so that change can percolate throughout the whole business and to ensure that it is sustained for the benefit for all.

Business Team Meeting Achievement Apploud Concept
Positive team interactions drive team success

Bringing joy & purpose to the workplace

Scrum Training

We have seen the difference that happy and engaged people, who have a clear purpose that they are aligned to have made to their organisations, its value creation and ultimately the bottom line.

Our training and coaching sessions are fun, immersive and designed to allow team members to experience different ways of working and challenge the way they work, collaborate and succeed.

Agile is not a process, it’s a mindset

The ‘go to’ agile experts

We believe in collaboration and human networks. BeLiminal is an interdependent partnership of experts in lean, agile , systemic coaching, relationship coaching and personal coaching

We have worked with many well known, large brands and smaller brands too, we have helped them succeed and transition to new ways of working, why don’t you come and work with us too?

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