Agile Coaching

Measurable success from agile coaching comes when it is bespoke and applied across all levels

We take a systematic approach to agile coaching; looking at your system from two perspectives:

What is the relationship between the people in the system? What is the flow of work through the system? By taking an overall system view of both these aspects, we can help you to optimise the effectiveness of your system as a whole.

We coach you and your organisation at the system, team and individual level and our approach to your coaching will be unique to your organisation and delivered by one of our experienced coaches. To tailor our approach we will typically follow a patterns of:

  1. Assessing your internal environment and external business context through our executive or team workshops
  2. From this assessment we will help you identify areas for action which you will take ownership of
  3. This will be followed by team and individual coaching as required, supported by training and process coaching in agile methods and lean thinking

Positive team interactions drive team success

Coaching for people

Agile Coaching

Our Agile coaching is an effective way to get teams successfully applying agile ways of working to their own projects and systems.

For teams new to Agile, it can help them get up and running and help with the initial barriers and changes to the way of thinking and doing.

For more experienced teams, Agile coaching can help refine what they are doing to optimise their potential and help address any bad habits they may have fallen into.

Team Coaching

Coaching in Agile is one thing, but great teams are what differentiate outstanding companies from average ones. Successful organisations purposefully create and nurture a formidable team culture, but this won’t just happen by chance.

Working with leadership teams, management teams and delivery teams. Our Team Coaching service provides both coaching for the teams but also working with you to create a supportive context that will allow your teams to achieve great success.

Individual Coaching

People are different from each other, so we must treat them as the great individuals they are.

As we face new challenges and opportunities the learning often requires us to examine how we are as individuals, challenging our very beliefs. Our coaches support this learning journey allowing individuals to make choices that are right for them.

Agile Coach Academy

When embarking on your agile transition it is imperative that you build sustainability in from day one, being agile is a journey and your journey does not stop the day the external agile coaches leave the building.

Our Agile Coach Academy program has been specifically designed to allow you to grow and develop your own internal agile coaches for the long term sustainability of your agile journey and to ensure that your organisation continues to grow and thrive long after your external agile coaches have left the building and allows you to progress towards an agile coaching certification.

Extensive coaching experience

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