Agile Resources

Your learning journey in Agile contains many paths one of which is supported self-learning

With this in mind we are offering you free agile resources and tools to support your continuing learning journey

Browse this page and click the links to read interesting articles and publications that we have written and collated for you, we are also sharing games and exercises that we have authored and designed to help you learn new skills and understand concepts and we are sharing tools and artefacts to help you get started on your agile journey and to make some of the day to day tasks a little easier. We have made all of these agile resources free to you as we believe it is important to support one another in our own agile journies. Remember that agile is all about the journey, everyones journey is different and every path that people take is different, your journey is unique to you and it is a journey that will never end.  Keep on exploring and learning. Help share the agile principles and agile values as written in the agile manifesto.

So go ahead and explore and feel free to share this page and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.  If you want to get in touch with us then we would love to hear from you.

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