Agile Games and Exercises

About Agile Games and Exercises

During the course of our Agile Coaching and Training we have developed and used games and exercises to help teach topics on agility and reinforce key aspects of Scrum and Kanban and all manner of culture around agile ways of working.

We wanted to share some of these games and exercises with you to help you with your own learning but also as tools that you can use within your own organisations and with your teams.

We hope that you enjoy and gain benefit out of these games and exercises that we have shared.

String Theory

What makes a team, a team?

This is a group exercise for around ten people, perfect for retrospectives and workshops.

You know that feeling when you’re part of a great team? It’s almost as if the team is its own thing, separate from, but somehow created from the energy of the people involved.

String Theory is a facilitated exercise that helps players to explore what it means to be a team and to experience how connections and team structure affect the ability of people to perform as a team: a whole, greater than the sum of its individual parts. Use this exercise to help people to experience a team as an entity in and of itself, through the connections between team members.

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