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About our Agile Tools

We have provided a range of free agile tools to help you get going when working with Agile teams.  We know that using ALM tools is not always possible or indeed desirable but there are some tools that will support you.

With this in mind we have put together the tools below to save you the time in building your own so feel free to download them, use them and change them for your own needs.  However we do have some small print to tell you about.

Whilst these tools are provided free to you to download and use BeLiminal do not provide any warranty for these tools or support these tools in any way going forward.  We also cannot be held responsible for their use or how you use them or any decisions that you might make based on them.  Downloading and using these tools is entirely at your own risk.

Now that is out of the way, take a look at all of the tools below.

Product Backlog Template with User Story Printing

This tool allows you to create and maintain a product backlog in User Story format, it also provides the ability for you to print off your User Story cards for use with your team and for use on a physical task board.

Its a Microsoft excel tool and does contain a small macro to allow you to generate the User Stories.  Its simple to use, add in your User Stories on the Backlog tab, when you are ready ro print the cards then click the Generate Stories button and this will create your printable User Story Cards. Click on the Cards tab and you will see all of your User Stories ready for printing.

A great tool to get you started with your first backlog.

Velocity Charts

If you are working with Scrum teams then you might want to track the teams velocity for future planning purposes.  This very simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet allows you to do this and retain your history over time.

Remember that velocity is a planning tool only, it is only relevant to the team you are tracking the velocity for and it should never be used to compare teams, this will result in gaming of figures and dysfunction, never be tempted to do it.

Also remember that velocity is tied to a teams Sprint length, the team itself and the type of work they are doing. If the Sprint length changes, the team has a significant change or the domain or technology they work with changes then historical velocity is invalidated and you should start again,

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