Balancing Collaboration with Mat Hayes

The term 'Self-Organising Team' has been around for a while. Nonetheless, organisations are still setup with hierarchy meaning that usually someone is in place to provide direction in some [...]

Battle Mapping with Joshua Tasker

A technique based on a military metaphor; battle mapping helps visualise the environment you find yourself in. Understand and clarify the different allegiances between stakeholders and other [...]

Dealing with Drama with Benjamin Cooke

The ups and downs of life can often feel life a melodrama. The events that happen to us often may feel beyond our control, as though we're trapped in someone else's script. Or, we can feel [...]

The Language of Outcomes by Dragan Jojic

For the past 20 years, the Agile community has been trying to improve the world of work. While we can argue that we have succeeded in introducing new ways of working, we often still use the old [...]