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Well-designed training is the best way to build common understanding and language in a team in a very short time. Training should act as a catalyst and inspire and motivate, yet all too often the approach of long lectures and ‘death by PowerPoint’ achieve the opposite result.

We care about how people learn and have built this passion and expertise to our training sessions and workshops. All our trainers use accelerated learning techniques to present a highly-interactive, brain-friendly ways that maximise learning and, most importantly, retention of what has been learnt!

‘Training from the back of the room’

We use a neuro science-based approach to our workshops and training called “Training from the back of the room”. This utilises a four-stage process with activities to put into practice concepts and follow up with self-reflected conclusions.

The only true change is change that sticks

Context is key

We also believe it is important to provide context for people rather than keep at a theoretical level and expect them to be able to apply it to their job once away from the classroom. Wherever possible, our interactive sessions are based on workplace scenarios to allow delegates to discuss and explore the frameworks and techniques in practice. Beliminal’s training and workshops consistently reinforce the underlying Agile principles and values that drive success.

Agile is not a process, it’s a mindset

Public and Private courses available

We offer both public and private courses throughout the world with the ability to tailor private courses to your specific needs.  For companies seeking in-house training, we can offer fully crafted courses, as well as bespoke client-specific training that can be adapted to suit personal requirements.  Our qualified trainers have experience teaching a variety of Agile methods, including: Scrum, Kanban and Lean, all of which are designed to make a successful transition into the real world working life.

Certified Scrum training courses

Certified Kanban training courses

Certified Scaled Agile training courses and workshops

Advanced Certified Scrum training courses and workshops

Non Certified courses and workshops

  • Scrum overview
  • Agile Introduction
  • User Story Writing

Courses that open doors

* Prices exclude VAT

21-22 Jun ’18

£895 until 22 May then  £995*

4-5 Sep ’18

£850 until 7 Aug then  £995*

25-26 Sep ’18

£895 until 27 Aug then  £995*

2-3 Oct ’18

£850 until 4 Sep then  £995*

11-12 Oct ’18

£895 until 11 Sep then  £995*

17-18 Oct ’18

£895 until 17 Sep then  £995*

6-7 Nov ’18

£1060 until 6 Oct then  £1250*

6-7 Nov ’18

£850 until 9 Oct then  £995*

15-16 Nov ’18

£895 until 17 Oct then  £995*

19-20 Nov ’18

£895 until 20 Oct then  £995*

21-22 Nov ’18

£895 until 22 Oct then  £995*

27-28 Nov ’18

£895 until 29 Oct then  £995*

03-04 Dec ’18

£895 until 05 Nov then  £995*

11-12 Dec ’18

£850 until 13 Nov then  £995*

17-18 Dec ’18

£895 until 17 Nov then  £995*

18-19 Dec ’18

£1060 until 20 Nov then  £1250*

“Having participated in numerous Scrum courses over the years I can honestly say that the content and delivery of your CSPO course was the best I’ve seen. The activities were relevant and very engaging. Your subtlety and mastery lured us into new ways of thinking”

Abid Quesreshi, Organiser London Scrum User Group

“I’m excited to put into practice the things I’ve learned. It has not only taught me a lot, but also ignited a passion for Product Ownership that wasn’t previously there”

Delegate from CSPO training

“Very personable and knowledgeable instructor. Very keen to relate the material to our real-world experiences”

Delegate from CSPO training

“Thought-provoking, interactive and enlightening”

Delegate from CSM training

“I actually had some ‘aha’ moments”

Delegate from CSM training

“Energising, informative, exciting”

Delegate from CSM training

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