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When did you last hear somebody in your workplace talking about wellbeing? Probably earlier today or in the last few days.

People are increasingly more willing to talk about their wellbeing, including their wellbeing at work. If and when such conversations happen, they often lack depth and focus. Doing something meaningful about workplace wellbeing while concentrating on our daily work, targets and deadlines still feels like a mission-impossible.

What could we do to cross this gaping chasm between talking and doing?

Wellbeing or not wellbeing

Wellbeing at work, or more precisely, a lack of it, costs the UK economy £56bn a year, according to recent research. That’s a staggering sum but let’s not forget the human aspect. Burnouts and breakdowns come at enormous personal and societal cost.

Even if you are lucky and the ignoring of your wellbeing doesn’t lead to burnout, it will still mean that you are not operating at the top of your game. Neither at work nor at home. Neither individually, as a team, nor as a wider organisation.

Pick a card, any card

We have created a handy pack of Workplace Wellbeing Cards to prompt the conversations you need to have to create the space to reflect on what wellbeing could mean to you and your team. Think of them as a bridge between the present and the future, between what is and what could be. Sixty thought-provoking questions that we can guarantee will have you whistling while you work*.

The cards are organised into three categories: Personal Wellbeing Experience, Workplace Wellbeing Experience, and Workplace Wellbeing Culture. Each category has carefully selected questions that invite your imagination, inspire creativity, and help you to pause and reflect on things that usually don’t have air time.

With our Workplace Wellbeing Cards, you will:

  • Move beyond the small talk
  • Break down barriers, cultivate openness and normalise vulnerability
  • Foster a deeper sense of community and connection
  • Get to know your colleagues better and gain invaluable insights into what matters for them
  • Improve engagement and sense of belonging in the team and the wider organisation.

You can use our Workplace Wellbeing Cards as check-in questions at the start of your meetings or as ice-breakers or energisers during your team away days and activities.

Simply shuffle the cards, pick one and ask the question. Be as open, vulnerable, and creative as you can when answering, and watch the magic happen.

*Whistling is not guaranteed, other expressions  of joy are.

Have any questions? Why not talk to us about how wellbeing can help you, your team and your organisation, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us here

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