Beliminal Scrum Fundamentals – The Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is an important inspect and adapt point within the Scrum Framework. What is it we are inspecting and adapting and what is important about this Scrum Event? Watch our Scrum Fundamentals video to find out more.

Beliminal Ask the Expert – Agile Myth Busting

There are many myths about Agile and Scrum, you may have heard some of them, yet there are some which may be less obvious. In this interview Eben Halford explores some of those myths with Certified Scrum Trainer Tom Reynolds. Watch this video to hear about some of those myths and perhaps there are more that you can add.

Beliminal Bites – Post it Note Technology

Do you know that there is a right and a wrong way to peel post-it notes, and even using the right type of pen helps when you come to read them, if you use post it notes to make things visible to othes, especially in a team setting then watch this video for some great tips.

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