Real Teams

Previously I discussed why teams need a compelling purpose, this is one essential condition of “real teams” based on Richard Hackman’s work in creating high-performing successful teams. In [...]

Why Teams Need A Compelling Purpose

Last month I wrote about team norms, or working agreements as I prefer to call them, and how they relate to the work of Dr Richard Hackman.  Team norms fall into Hackman’s enabling structures [...]

The Power of Team Norms

In teamwork, the establishment of effective team norms plays a key role in creating a cohesive and productive group dynamic. The work of Richard Hackman, a psychologist, and organisational [...]

Why teams are history

Teamwork is more of a birthright than recent history would suggest. Since we first walked out of Africa to conquer the world and climb to the top of the food chain, we have relied on teamwork and [...]

Team sizes and communication pathways

Recently, I worked with a co-located team of 12 – more than the recommended Scrum team size of 5-7 plus or minus one. I wasn’t happy about this but, as it was only three more than the recommended [...]

You’re Probably Not Part of a Real Team

You’re Probably Not Part of a Real Team The kind of team that can leap tall buildings in a single bound. The type of team that creates world-class solutions. Research over the last twenty years [...]