Why Teams Need A Compelling Purpose

Last month I wrote about team norms, or working agreements as I prefer to call them, and how they relate to the work of Dr Richard Hackman.  Team norms fall into Hackman’s enabling structures [...]

Wellbeing in your team’s back pocket

When did you last hear somebody in your workplace talking about wellbeing? Probably earlier today or in the last few days. People are increasingly more willing to talk about their wellbeing, [...]

The key attributes of a successful coach

What do all successful coaches have in common? During the recent BeLiminal Advanced Certified ScrumMaster training, I demonstrated what personal coaching could look like by coaching my friend and [...]

Our Journey to Enterprise Agility

Scrum Coaching Retreat Copenhagen 2017 The Scrum Coaching Retreats are a safe place for coaches to get together and share deep learning, develop their understanding and improve the world of agile [...]